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  • The wondrous rock hewn churches of Lalibela

    Hiruy Simie The rock- hewn churches of Lalibela are called the eighth wonders of the world. Until today, many people had speculated about how these churches were made. Some of these speculations have proven to be wild and unfounded. Nonetheless, those who

  • The church of St. Michael of Abi Adi

    Hiruy Simie To reach at the rock hewn church of St. Michael the first thing that you must do is start driving from Mekele town and travel on the road that leads to the town of Wokro. Then, you must make a left turn which will enable you to reach at an all

  • Monasteries and Monastic Monks in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia is a land of God, which since the time of the old Testament, through the biblical faith and Worship she followed, has produced innumerable Christians and saints of the Testament. The biblical faith and worship in this country was able to bear so

  • The End of Colonialism in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia's role in European politics resulted from French and British influence in the region. Ethiopia was one of the few territories which had not become a European colony, and Italy, a newcomer in the colonial bonanza, soon made its designs known. Unli

  • How much do u know about Solomonic Dynasty

    How much do u know about Solomonic Dynasty (Year indicates ascent to throne.) See also Muhammedan Lineage. 1 Yekuno Amlak 1268 2 Yagbe'a Seyon 1285 3 Senfa Ar'ed 1294 4 Hezba Asgad 1295 5 Kedma Asgad 1296 6 Jin Asgad 1297 7 Saba Asgad 1298 8 Wedem Ar'ed 1

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